Copper Cloud SC
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A new era in design has arrived

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A Copper Cloud SC Original Bead

glennarehovin knives-Copper Cloud superconductor.jpg

Storm Flipper

Glen Are Hoven Knives

Superconductor Top Tritium.jpg

Superconductor and Tritium Top

Eclipse Sharp

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Industrial Art & Sculpture

The 308 Winchester Superconductor Bullet.

View this sculpture and other superconductor goods in The Collection

Copper Cloud Superconductor - Art Collection-65.jpg

Rally Life with The Gold Rush Rally

In collaboration with Black Badger Advanced Composites, The Copperhead superconductor ring was the 2016 Gold Rush Rally's Trophy ring.

Gold Rush Rally Trophy Ring Copper Cloud.jpg

Luxury at its finest

MB&F HMX Black Badger edition watch and the Black Badger Copperhead Superconductor ring. 




The Sharpest Knives Around

Exquisite Kirby Lambert Knife with Superconductor Bolster

Kirby Lambert Superconductor Knife.jpg

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We have the largest and highest quality superconductor material around. For projects big and small, we are dedicated to working with you to bring your project to life. Drop us a line to discuss!