.25 Cu SC Pie Slices

.25 Cu SC Pie Slices

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Piece 15625 is Polished, piece 92500 is edm finished.

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Superconductor Product Details

  • Copper Superconductor, 60 degree slice.

  • Faces are flat and squared to the side

  • Inspect pieces carefully.

Note: The seams between the Niobium and Copper/Cupronickel are not welded and special considerations need to be taken into account when working with this material and minimum force should be applied as excess force can break the seam between the copper/cupronickel and niobium resulting in structural failure (Do not treat superconductor as a solid metal billet. Work Slowly). Do not let the superconductor become hot while working, heat caused by friction when working on the metal will expand the different metals at different rates, causing the seams between them to split and fracture. Using tools not designed for metal will especially cause more than usual stress and heat buildup (i.e. using drill bits and hole-saws designed for wood). All superconductor should be treated with care. Any returned pieces must be in the same condition as when originally shipped.