Tokamak Superconductor Bead

Tokamak Superconductor Bead

Etch Level:
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Recommended Combinations: 

  • Polished Finish, Low Etch
  • Polished Finish, Very Low Etch
  • Satin Finish, Medium Etch

The other combinations are great too, these are just our favorites because they give you great looks, but also good everyday carry ability and clean up nicely should they need to be cleaned. The deeper etches look really awesome, they just pick up dirt more easily and are harder to clean because the crevices are deep. 

Etching Notes: 

A "Low Etch" means extremely little etch. A "High Etch" means more copper is removed. 


-.75 inch tall, .82 inch diameter, .25 inch diameter through-hole. 

Design Notes: 

Most beads are designed to look good made from a variety of materials and most bead designers make a design and just switch the material. The Tokamak is purposely designed with this particular superconductor in mind. 

The goal was to make a superconductor bead which compliments the material well and which was suited for every day use. All of the dimensions were chosen to make a functional aesthetic bead, yet simultaneously compliment the niobium structure. 

If you would like a custom finish or have a request, please contact. We will do our best to accommodate you.